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Established in 2016, the UCL Guild is an alliance between 5 leading societies at University College London. Together, we aim to equip UCL students with the best career support on campus, offering students the highest quality events and exposure across industries.


Over the past year, we hosted or co-hosted over 170 events from leading conferences and global-reach competitions to interactive workshops and mentorship programmes with proven track records, all aiming to improve the prospects of our members. 


Joining the UCL Guild or any of our five societies is free through the UCL Union website, and gives you access to all of our events. 

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Helping start-ups and students through their entrepreneurial journey

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Introducing students to the finance industry



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Providing members with broad insight into the business world

Empowering female students in the financial services industry

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Introducing the world of data science to business and finance



Starting from nothing more than a vision to unite 5 societies in providing the best career support at UCL, the UCL Guild has come a long way in its three years of existence. We have developed a huge presence on campus, comprising both the largest committee and membership base of any society at UCL. We are ambitious – and hope you are too.

This year, we are bringing you an unprecedented base of campus connections, an unparalleled line-up of high calibre speakers and incredible learning opportunities. As third year students, we want to personally encourage you to attend all events you are interested in, broaden your knowledge and network from early on, and, in this way, make the most out of your time at university. Don't neglect to also attend our sick socials!

All the best for this year and hope to meet you all soon,

Anna Zarotiadou & Emily Falkenberg,
UCL Guild Presidents 2019/2020



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